“My interests focus on intriguing buildings, beguiling landscapes, inspiring people.
One thing leads to another, unlikely connections emerge. Writing about the present, I’m informed by the past and vice versa.
I read listen and look. What I learn I love to share.”

News 2017

A House for Soane, a House for Julie - a talk at colloquium Lives of Houses

Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, Wolfson College, 27 May


Architecture on Television - a brief introduction to several films on Le Corbusier

6.30, 12 June


A lunchtime talk on utopias

Shoreditch, July tbc


Keynote talk at European Council for Landscape Architecture Schools

Greenwich, 11 - 13 September, day tbc


Writing: forthcoming or in progress

Essay for Aeon, autumn 2017

Chapter, postwar women architects in the public sector in Breaking the Mould: AA Women in Architecture 1917 - 2017

Chapter,   'Plotlands to New Towns' for publication within the continuing Radical Essex project

Excellent Essex (Old Street Books) eta autumn 2018


Archive Hour on Subtopia, BBC R4 on 7 May 2016 (still available)

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