Excellent Essex – Old Street Publishing, hardback (Sept. 2019) paperback (April 2021)

Talking, including podcasts

Dr Simon Machin and I on Octavia Hill, Episode 31  http://redheavenproject.com/episodes/octaviahill

Odes on Essex, BBC R3 Essay series, The Essex Wayhttps://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-essex-way/id471685852?i=1000507050903

Gresham College: Britain’s First Environmentalist. Marking 400 years since John Evelyn’s birth. Livestreamed October 29, 2020. 

Participant in Princeton Womxn in Design and Architecture conference on Minnette de Silva, March 2021.


Growing Up Modern: Childhoods in Iconic Homes (2021) – Review

Essay around  ‘Hage‘, a walled public garden designed for development area in Brunnshog outside Lund by Norwegian practice, Brendeland & Kristoffersen. (2022)

Contribution, North Bucks Monorail City,  in Extinct: A Compendium of Obsolete Objects (Reaktion, 2021)

Still on Essex

Chapter 10, ‘A case study in vulnerability: Bradwell A, a trial environment for nuclear power’ in ed. Dr Johanna Dale.  St. Peter-on-the-Wall: Heritage and landscape on the North Sea coast  (UCL Press, summer 2023. open access)

Chapter:  ‘Plotlands to New Towns’  in Radical ESSEX (Cornerstone Publications 2018)

Recent reviews, journalism and other news

Apollo Magazine, regular features and online contributions, LRB blogs.

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